Episode 003 - Vintage & Modern Glassware

A glass doesn’t have to be vintage to be cool. Choose the glass that makes you feel the best about your drink.
— Andrew Whitehead - @liquorary

Welcome to Episode 3 of the Modern Bar Cart Podcast!

I’m your host, Eric Kozlik, and I’m coming to you today with a glassware crash course interview with Andrew Whitehead, AKA Liquorary.

By day, Andy is a mild-mannered, luxuriously bearded father who takes his daughters to the Baltimore aquarium to see their favorite sea creatures. By night, he’s a vintage glassware expert bent on finding art deco martini glasses and stately, heavy bottomed rocks glasses to grow his collection and spread the joy of home bartending.

In this episode, we talk about almost everything under the glassware sun, including:

  • The basic types of cocktail glasses

  • Vintage vs. Modern glassware

  • How to take care of your cocktail glassware

  • Tips for breakage-prone drinkers

  • And Much, Much more.

Someone once told me that I’ve got a face for radio, but Andy truly has a voice for podcasting. He’s extremely knowledgeable, well spoken, and really great at making the fine nuances of vintage and modern glassware accessible.

This episode was a blast to record, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed putting it together. So without further ado, sit back and take in the wonderful world of cocktail glassware with Andy Whitehead.

Andrew Whitehead got into cocktails after returning from Iraq in August of 2011, when he started exploring Washington, D.C.’s budding cocktail scene and fell in love with the drinks, the history, and the people who make them.

As he collected more and more glassware, he became really knowledgeable about the ins and outs of vintage and modern glassware. He has dabbled in selling his glassware on Etsy (currently on hiatus), and his Instagram (@liquoary) is a beautiful repository of information and cocktail eye candy. You can also send him an email at andrew@liquorary.com.

Some of the glassware brands we mention are:

-Libbey, an american glassware maker.

-Dorothy Thorpe, another early 20th century american glassware maker.

-Cocktail Kingdom is a modern glassware retailer specializing in high-end glassware.

Lightning Round Questions

If you were 24 years old and wanted to start building your glassware collection, how would you go about doing so?

Start with the basics. Don’t go vintage right away. Start mastering the steps required to make a great drink, and then build up from there.

What is your favorite cocktail?

The Sazerac. It’s really fun to think about in terms of glassware. A lot of Sazeracs are poured right up to the rim of the glass. But when that happens, you lose that wonderful aroma of the absinthe. That’s why I try to use a large lowball glass for my Sazeracs, so that the negative space can really enhance the aroma experience of the cocktail. You have to think about the drink in relation to the glass.