Element [Shrub] - Blood Orange Saffron - 8 oz

Element [Shrub] - Blood Orange Saffron - 8 oz


This Blood Orange Saffron Shrub by Element [Shrub] is a tribute to classic Mediterranean flavors that have captivated human palates for centuries. Tangy blood oranges marry with sensual saffron, apple cider vinegar, and a little sweetness to create this well-rounded, evocative flavor. The whole profile is rounded out with carrot, which lends its sweet, earthy influence to this tawny brew.

Pair with your favorite rose wine for a fresh, tangy spin on a Kir Royale, use it in your next sour negroni riff. Pairs extremely well with cured meats and pickled vegetables.

All Element {Shrub] concentrates are made with organic apple cider vinegar and are naturally vegan and gluten free.

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