Frontier Sarsaparilla Bitters (4 oz)

Frontier Sarsaparilla Bitters (4 oz)


Tasting Notes: Dark, herbal, and earthy with a curiously astringent sweetness.

Noteworthy Ingredients: Sarsaparilla, Lemon Balm, Hyssop, Birch Bark

Cocktail Uses: Whiskey Cocktails. Pairs well with Bourbon, Rye, or Canadian Whisky

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About Frontier Sarsaparilla Bitters


On the frontier, nature lives in its rawest form. The footpaths disappear, and the wind blows across an unmarked landscape that has no regard for human enterprise.

In these places, people carve out a life using only what the land gives them. A few roots, and maybe some rainwater. A healing bark. A sweet smelling herb.

The flavors of the North American frontier have shaped the men and women who have tested their strength against the land for generations, transforming them into people with hard bodies and kind hearts.

Flavor Profile

Frontier Sarsaparilla Bitters by Embitterment celebrate the flavors of the land and the character of her people with a handcrafted, rustic elegance. An earthy backbone of sarsaparilla root and birch bark supports cool, fragrant notes of lemon balm and juniper.

How to Enjoy

Soak a coarse, natural sugar cube with these bitters and add your favorite whiskey to make a sarsaparilla old fashioned, or strike out on your own to create a drink that tastes like your small corner of the frontier.

The Frontier Old Fashioned

Perhaps the best way to get started using these bitters is to whip up a delicious Frontier Old Fashioned. Check out the recipe page for all the details, as well as a downloadable pdf of the recipe card.