Iki Japanese Bitters (4 oz)

Iki Japanese Bitters (4 oz)


Tasting Notes: Umami, Salt, Spicy

Noteworthy Ingredients: Wasabi, Seaweed, Sencha Green Tea, Shiitake Mushroom

Cocktail Uses: Dark, savory, boozy drinks. Pairs well with Japanese Whisky and other brooding spirits.

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About Iki Japanese Bitters


A slender band of islands forged by the beating of the sea, the Japanese archipelago is home to a cuisine has that sustained fishermen, warriors, and farmers for millennia.

Though their food and drink are simple and hearty, the Japanese aesthetic takes joy in stylized detail—the subtle changing of the seasons, the harmony of a room, the angle of a garment worn just so.

The Japanese concept of “Iki” represents a type of “effortless style” unique to that culture’s people and landscape. Iki tries without trying, loves without losing, and wins a game that no one else has ever thought to play.

Flavor Profile

Iki Japanese Bitters by Embitterment are a fusion of traditional Japanese flavors blended in our own effortless style. Spicy wasabi root gives way to umami notes of shiitake mushroom, seaweed, and sesame, with delicate green tea on the finish.

How to Enjoy

Pair these bitters with a traditional Japanese whisky for a savory spin on your favorite Manhattan or Old Fashioned, or incorporate them into your next adventurous gin or vodka cocktail to create your own signature strain of “Iki.”

Partner Spotlight: Oregon Coast Wasabi


Did you know that real wasabi is very different from that little neon blob on your sushi tray? That stuff is just powdered horseradish and mustard that's rehydrated and dyed green. Real wasabi, on the other hand, is a subtle, complex, and slightly mysterious flavor that adds considerable depth to any flavor experience. 

We use premium quality wasabi grown right here in the United States by Oregon Coast Wasabi, and we're extremely proud to partner with farmers dedicated to producing premium, natural ingredients.

Want to learn more? We have an entire podcast episode and partnership page dedicated to Oregon Coast Wasabi!

The Japanese Martini

Head on over to our cocktail recipes and check out the Japanese Martini, a savory take on your favorite classic cocktail. You can even download the recipe card straight to your desktop as a convenient pdf.

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