Liquid Gold Ancient Trade Bitters (4 oz)

Liquid Gold Ancient Trade Bitters (4 oz)


Tasting Notes: Savory, Spicy, and wonderfully complex.

Noteworthy Ingredients: Turmeric, Saffron, Himalayan Sea Salt, Fenugreek, Saffron

Cocktail Uses: Asian or curry-inspired cocktails. Pairs well with clear or dark spirits.

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About Liquid Gold Ancient Trade Bitters

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In the ancient world, spices were more valuable than gold. These precious seeds, barks, and roots made their way to the West by means of an elaborate network of land and sea routes, traversing some of the most beautiful and perilous terrain on earth.

Spices would trade hands time and again on their way to the markets and bazaars of Europe and the Middle East, imprinting their flavors and aromas in the food and drink of every culture they touched.

Today’s bitters and Amari are the descendants of ancient alchemical experiments and apothecary concoctions that sought, using the rarest and most potent spices, to create elixirs and tonics that would stimulate the mind and protect the body.

Flavor Profile

Liquid Gold Ancient Trade Bitters by Embitterment pay tribute to the spice trade with a curious blend of rare flavors. Healing turmeric and pungent saffron threads produce a deep golden hue, while Malabar peppercorns and Himalayan sea salt flare across the palate, leaving and intriguingly perfumed finish.

How to Enjoy

These far-flung bitters will add unexpected depth to any traditional cocktail, prompting you to linger on each complex sip, transporting you to an ancient time and place where the common language is flavor.

The Liquid Gold Gin & Tonic

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