The Latitude 20 Cocktail


This is a Modern Bar Cart original cocktail that balances smoky mezcal, bright lime, and the spicy sweetness of our cinnamon chili syrup and a hint of chocolate. This is a spectacular cocktail for anyone who has discovered the beauty of mezcal, but wants to see what it can do when combined with other premium ingredients.

The Latitude 20 Recipe


Technically, you're supposed to shake drinks that use fresh citrus juice. However, we chose to make this a stirred drink to preserve the smoky character of the mezcal. In a stirring glass with ice, combine the following ingredients:

Stir these ingredients for 20-30 seconds, then strain into a lowball glass over a single large ice cube. It's a simple drink that will really impress your friends at your next cookout or cocktail party.

How We Developed This Drink


Inspiration for the Latitude 20 cocktail is right in the name. All of the ingredients for this drink can be found at the latitude that lies 20 degrees north of the equator. The mezcal, cinnamon, chilis, limes, and cacao all enjoy this climate, and so we felt that it was only natural that they should all share this cocktail.