The Manhattan Cocktail

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Drawing its origin from The Manhattan Club, the Manhattan cocktail speaks to the sophistication of the person who enjoys one. A fine combination of American whiskey and sweet vermouth, this elegant cocktail is the perfect drink for a night of festivities.

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.
— Mark Twain

The Manhattan Recipe

  • 2 oz American Whiskey

  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth

  • Several Dashes Orange Bitters

Fill your mixing glass with ice, and combine sweet vermouth with your American whiskey (rye is traditional, but Bourbon is great too). Then, add several dashes of Embitterment Orange Bitters.

Stir for 30 seconds, or until the drink is well mixed and chilled. Then strain the contents into a cocktail glass.


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Variations on the Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattans are versatile. You can achieve a number of slight variations on this cocktail by using different whiskeys, vermouths, and bitters. With the countless variants, this cocktail will remain truly timeless.

In 1894, a bartender at the prestigious Waldorf Astoria in New York developed the most recognizable variation of the Manhattan. The Rob Roy cocktail was inspired by a popular short opera of the same name. This variation of the Manhattan can be made with a simple switch of Scotch for American whiskey.

A favored variation, the Vieux Carre is a classic New Orleans cognac-and-rye cocktail. First concocted at the famed Carousel Bar, the Vieux Carre is a variation of the Manhattan that holds a great deal of history and ethnic symbolism. To build this special cocktail simply combine cognac (¾ oz), rye whiskey (¾ oz), sweet vermouth (¾ oz), Benedictine (1 bar spoon), and several dashes of Embitterment Aromatic Bitters.


Garnishing Your MAnhattan

The Manhattan cocktail is traditionally garnished with a maraschino (or brandied) cherry. However, the “proper” garnish for a Manhattan has been heavily debated. Some people remain firm in only using the cherry garnish, whereas others prefer an orange peel or lemon twist. Wherever you stand in the “proper” garnish debate, the versatility of this legendary drink allows you to make this drink exactly how you like it.