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Eric Kozlik, CEO

After earning two unrelated degrees in the humanities, Eric realized he was screwed. So, he focused his energy on something more productive: bringing great cocktails to the masses.

He has a lot of opinions about cocktails, and you can hear them on the Modern Bar Cart Podcast, where he interviews cocktail experts and enthusiasts about their passions and best kept secrets.

You can learn more about him by visiting

Favorite Spirit: Floral Gin

Favorite Cocktail: The Last Word

Spirit Animal: Panther with a Strong Moral Compass

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Russell Garing, COO

Russell is the logistical and operational mind that fuels Modern Bar Cart’s operations. In other words, he has an MBA.

When he’s not intimidating the heck out of spreadsheets and financial projections, Russell can be found whispering sweet nothings to the bottle of Campari on his home bar.

Favorite Spirit: Peaty Scotch

Favorite Cocktail: The Negroni

Spirit Animal: Red Panda

Ethan Hall, Co-Founder

Ethan started experimenting with cocktail bitters as a gift for friends and family. What started as a casual flavor project quickly evolved into Embitterment Bitters, our flagship product.

As chief visionary dude and resident mad scientist, Ethan’s passion propelled a lone line of cocktail bitters into a single shelf cocktail solution for consumers and retailers alike.

Favorite Spirit: Dry Rye Gin

Favorite Cocktail: The Rob Roy

Spirit Animal: Emperor Penguin (The Ultimate Party Host)

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Spencer Joynt - Graphic Designer

Spencer Joynt is a Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary designer, operating an independent creative studio. Working across disciplines, his practice strives to capture or create the essence of a brand, experience, place, or product through whatever medium tells the most compelling story.